The Philippine Architecture

The Philippine architecture from 1945 to present.

Old time going to the present time.

          As a student of architecture I imagine what is architecture that time.  I wonder what is the architecture during that time. because I’m new in architecture. And I don’t have any idea what is real architecture during 1945. Just I know is the present time., the modern time

         Philippines is known for island and heritage places because of the historic event happen during the past. The architectural structure during the 1945 is more on Spanish colonial period. But the Philippine architecture is  also influenced by the Japanese people, Japan share theirs  tradition, art, and they also help us to improve our architecture. Even they bring us  chaos during the time of our ancestors.

         Malay also influence the Philippine, Malay is known for native structure that’s why we have many native houses and structure. Even other country  have different native structure. Because of the influence of other countries.

         The Hindu also bring different style to our country (Philippines) and it also influence us. Hindu are also known for there native structure or the nature structure that’s why we have houses that can relate to  nature. Some of this is the “Bahay kubo” every country influence this kind of house that’s why there are many type of this house. The next country that bring us to the next level of architecture is the Chinese, Chinese people are known to art and passion. They have different culture and tradition compare to others. Chinese people stay in our country(Philippines) for a long time and they even built a  Chinese town to our country. Even this present time Chinese people bring huge important to our country (Philippines) because of there tradition and way of life that help us in our daily needs. Some of Chinese people in our country (Philippines) our already prominent.

         The last and not totally  the last country that bring different architecture style to our country (Philippines) is the American people. American also influence the country (Philippines) by mean of culture. American culture is known to be high tech, elite compare to other country specially to us. The American architecture is known for skyscraper , high builds, normal builds and modern type of architecture. The American architecture are all modern and different to our country(Philippines) even around 1945 there works and structure are already look like modern type or look like the present time. Stunning to the eyes of other people. Think about it if this works and structure really exist. The best example of that time is the World Trade Center it is also one of the skyscraper of all time. But it end when terrorist attack the World Trade Center during  2001. American  bring to us the next level of architecture and style to improve and learn what is architecture and help us and bring us also more meaning about architecture.

         During the pre-colonial architect of the our country(Philippines)  consisted of the Nipa hut. Nipa hut  this is the first house in our country (Philippines). But the early people in our country (Philippines)  live in cave. This is the origin of the architecture of the our country (Philippines). Nipa hut are made of nature or natural materials that’s why Hindu and Malay has a connection to this period. And the Spanish people colonize us.  And it also influence us and bring more important to architecture here in Philippines. The main example for this is the Intramuros in the country(Philippines).

Intamuros is a historical city and it bring more idea about the the Philippine architecture. When Intramuros built and finish. It is the city of the Philippines some people define Intramuros as European city or romantic city that time. when world war 2  happen the city became the war field of other country. After years of battle and it was over,  Intramuros it there but the side of it. Today Intramuros became ruin of the Philippines. Even it is a ruin, some architects of the Philippines are starting to rebuild it and and to bring back the Intramuros. Some aarchitect are wondering  about the studies of Intamuros. Some architects are Modern and Post-modern this time. only few who’s base is heritage structure. But today the I think Intramuros is under the process of change. Old time going to the present time.

         During the Spanish colonize our country (Philippines)  some of structure, houses are influence by the Spanish culture and the Philippine architect was dominated.

         The “ Bahay na Bato” or the Stone house,  this is the tradition house during that time. this is the transition of house, or the evolution of houses that time. first is the Nipa hut and the next is the Bahay na Bato”  nature material or the light material going to hard materials. Here you can see the improvement of our country (Philippines)  and the next is the present day. Right now all I can say is, its different  from the past than today.. today Philippines is already moving up by mean of its own culture and its own fruit. The fruit of improvement is base on the architect that we have. Architect today is modern and post –modern. I can say to myself I’m one of it.

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