China Central Television Headquarters — Beijing, China

China Central Television Headquarters- Beijing China

Who is Rem Koolhaas

Remmert Lucas Koolhaas the Pritzker Prize – Winner

Remmert Lucas Koolhaas ” Rem Koolhaas” knows as the visionary and a philosopher. Rem koolhaas has his own world. He don’t mind what people say to his work. Rem koolhaas can control his out come or he can defense what he is doing. Some critics have agrued that Remmert Lucas Koolhaas ignores all consideration for beauty and taste. In other side Rem Koolhaas is a architect that ignores all and want to be different to other. His works are different to other.

The Principal of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, or OMA.
Well known to be different. In Rem koolhaas become one of the world most influence people.

Remmert Lucas Koolhaas is also one of many architects how love Deconstructive. Deconstruction, is an approach of architect to the building design that attempts to view the architecture in bits and pieces. to make the architectural structure minimalist. Some Decontructivist building may seem to have no sense and no visual logic, they deal to the form finding and they deal also the concept of the project. Frank Gehry is well known to be the father of Decontructivist, All of his works are all deconstruct process or the decon process.

Rem Koolhaas is also some of the architect who use the process of Modernism. Modernist architecture emphasizes function. And it attempts to provide for the specific needs rather than imitate the nature.  all parts, all sides of the structure are functional.

Also Rem Koolhaas is some of the architect who use the process of structuralism. I think Remmert Koolhaas is one of the architect who make use of this. cause his works are more on structural. structuralism is based on the idea of the architect that all things are built from a system of signs and these signs are made up of opposites or counterpart. structuralists design is also a process of searching for the relationship between elements. it bind all element to form one entity.

Post-modern is a approaches that had previously been dominant to all strcuture. Rem koolhaas  is also a true Post-Modern architect. today Post-modern is very known to the world of architecture all architect know what is Post-Modern. Post-Modern can be bind to the Post-Modern city or country.

China Central Television building known as CCTV is the new one in Bailing China. The old one was destroy by fire. That’s why they plan to make new one for the Beijing. The new headquarters of china central television was design by architect Rem Koolhaas and some Chinese expert. The project “china central television” began in march 2003 and must be finish in 2008 for the Beijing Olympic that will covered by the new china central television headquarter.

This New China Central Television Headquarter will be among the first of 300 towers to be constructed in beijing’s new Central Business District. As part of an international architectural competition organized by the beijing international tendering Co. The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) where Remmert Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren take place, was awarded the contract of this project.

The development and construction of the project undertaken by the chinese government to be part of the redevelop of the central Beijing with innovation and functional architecture. The form finding of the china central television building was derive from two L – shaped high-rise tower, linked at the top and the bottom at an angle to form a loop, which has been described as a ‘Z’ criss – cross. The china central television headquarter is known in china as “eyesore” and become the butt of many jokes.

According to some reports about this topic. Rem Koolhaas use the iconic process for this project. an iconic configuration of two high-rise buildings. The China Central Television headquarter building is one of the Skyscrapers in china. It is located in central business district, Beijing. Even it is Skyscraper it bind a single entity to the culture and the structure itself.

The Second building includes a hotel, a visitor’s center, a large public theatre and exhibition spaces. Rem Koolhaas make use for Functional process for this project. and the Second tower is for Television Cultural Center.

When i saw the building in picture, I’m totally shock at the structure. Two tower connected at the top that form L shape look alike Z Criss – cross.

The construction of the New China Central Television Headquarter was not easy to build. They need more time to start it because of the studies of the expert. we can see and think about it, how the loop L- shape done and the two tower will be connected with this L shape loop. My Professor told us that the construction of this is not a joke. they use a method to hold the loop and until they finish it. many huge crane was use and not only crane but also mind.
The China Central Television Headquarter for is not a sample of anti-contextual architectural structure. Remmert Lucas Koolhaas want to be different. When we say anti-contextual, anti to the site, anti to all aspects. But Remmert Koolhaas want it to be different to other. Being different is like anti. Different for Remmert Koolhaas deals to the design of his work. Different to means of style, different means of use and different means of function.

The New China Central Television Headquarters (CCTV) is a photogenic structure where you can find the beauty of the structure in different angle. with two tower connected to the top that form letter L and and other view, birds eye view you can see the form look like letter Z.

As a student of architecture i find it difficult to understand the structure and the concept of it. But i see it to my design philosophy. My design philosophy is, “Architecture is like an art where each elements matters. Where each elements has its own identity. My job is to bind each element to form as one single entity.”
the china central television headquarter building is one sample of my design philosophy it bind each element to form as one single entity. It connects the matters that will form the word architecture.

According to my research the CCTV ( China Central television headquarter ) is a big approve to the Chinese people. The building change there lives and help each other to maintain and protect the headquarter. Know the china central television headquarter building is part of the tourist spot destination in china.

The china central television headquarter is a big step for the Beijing and china to go all over again. To be the most improve country in the world. The china is known for the sleeping giant. And Now the giant is awake to bring back the past.

Not only the china central television bring china into real world. But the new structure of china is the birds nest, in Beijing china.
This is also sample of matter that bind with the culture and make use of it. Beijing is a normal place turn to urban because of this structure. The place also turned to be civilize because of the structure and the beauty of the city that bind all architectural structure to the city.

As a student of architecture, i think i can connect my self to Remmert Lucas Koolhaas. He want to be deferent to other, he give more attention to all different style, structure and idea.
My works is also like Remmert Koolhaas i want to be different to other. I don’t mind all things to make my work beauty and have taste. My problem is, i can’t depend my own work. I think i need to improve my own line and way to depend my works. That i can show and i can say. That my works is different to others.
All architect has own saying and philosophy. I think Remmert Koolhaas design philosophy deals with the word “different”.

“Architecture is like an art where each elements matters. Where each elements has its own identity. My job is to bind each element to form as one single entity.” This is my Design Philosophy, that will bind each element to form as one single entity, that will show to be different to the different.

Now i can say that Remmert Lucas Koolhaas is one of my starchitect and idol. Because our works and ideas are can be related and connected. We want our works to be different to other. And we want of works to be on top of others, means of our design base on different design and concept.

I want to follow Remmert Lucas Koolhaas works by showing to others that i want to my works is diffent like remmert koolhaas. Remmert Koolhaas is a brilliant Architect that deals each element and make use of it to form entity.

“It’s a weird city because the uglier the weather, the more beautiful the city. And the uglier the buildings, the more coherent the city.”

-Remmert Lucas Koolhaas

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