Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation

Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana, Kazakhtan

The Architect

Norman Foster, Known as Lord Foster. Foster design the Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation, Foster + Partner is the lead design of the Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation. They make use of time to design in this project. The Foster + Partners studies the concept of their design.  The Co- architects: Tabanlioglu Architecture and Consulting ( Istanbul ).

Foster + Partner success working with a team of long term, in particular Spencer de Grey and David Nelson, the main project that built the majority of office and industrial architecture, and the ‘art’ architects who designed museums, universities, and theatres. Norman Foster handle the two degree. When Foster started his practice, a firm office would have employed 25 people. As Foster grew to more than 100 employees and the nature of practice change. It meant that the firm office took on a much wider range of projects, and also that very young architects and new could build under the Foster name much earlier in their careers than they could have done on their own. the firm office also a part of the training ground for the new architects.
As the firm office continued to grow, some question are starting to be raised was that while the large number of expansion had improved  a powerful key for raising the general standard of architecture, it made it more difficult for Norman Foster to collect more works of such as the Sainsbury Centre, or Willis Faber.
But while there is a number of Foster projects that have been no more than competent in recent years, Foster continues to confound his critics with such achievements as the sublime Pont Millau bridge in France, and the well regarded Hearst tower in Manhattan – a building that so impressed the New Yorker’s architecture critic Paul Goldberger that he described Foster as the Mozart of Modernism. this is the works of Foster where no one compete.

Current and recent work includes the largest single building on the planet, “Beijing Airport, the redevelopment of Dresden Railway Station, Millau Viaduct in France, the Swiss Re tower and the Great Court at the British Museum in London, an entire University Campus for Petronas in Malaysia, the Hearst Headquarters tower in New York, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington and research centres at Stanford University, California.” we can see that Foster is a famous architect and He is known everywhere. single building can change your entire life. Foster + Partner’s works is not a big joke. when you saw this builds you know and you can tell to your self my life is modern.
Norman Foster design deals with the nature, climate, tradition, and the client. Foster is also one of my favorite architect, his works are perfectly structure. the structure itself bind the feeling to the surrounding. even some of his works are anti- contextual. he can show us what is the meaning of this architectural structure. No one of his works has negative comment. Norman Foster  and the Partners are huge number of architectural Firm office that can handle the international at the same time.

One of the blog one I read, His architects, draftsman, etc. know  and when they enter the architectural firm office. they have the chance to become a architect. the firm office goal for their workers is, this architectural firm office is the new training ground and to show what can be show to the world.
The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is also translated as there Pyramid of peace and Accord. It is seventy seven meter (77 m) high building in Astana. The capital of Kazakhtan. This modern architectural infrastructure represents the egyptian culture and tradition as it is. At ancient times pyramids were made of huge stone, sand and gigantic blocks or bricks, were one hundred (100)of people are lifting a single block or brick. The pyramid of peace and reconcilation or also known the Pyramid of peace and accord, however, is made of modern materials more stable materials such as glass, steel, and granite. All modern architectural structures are made of modern materials, some are all glass and some are all steels. This seventy seven meters (77m) high building is no doubt a wonderful representation of Astana thr capital of Kazakhstans ingenuity and creativity. It is even considered a “wonder” for most critics and but not only wonder, it is also a master piece of one architect that can change the world to be modern.
The pyramid of peace and reconciliation, it’s Pyramid portion of the building is sixty two meters (62m) high which sits on a fifteen meters high (15m) high earth covered blocks. The construction of the Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation All of this construction is ground level base. Though the landscaping of the pyramid of peace and reconciliation or the park rises up to cover the lower level of the structure, these are not in fact basement of the structure.

This architectural structure houses and opera house which basically makes it a very suitable infrastructure housing and binding the arts. It also has museums that depict Astana the capital of kazakhstans and it also depict to their culture.

The apex or the pointed part of the pyramid is made of stain glass incorporating doves which is, for me, very amusing and practical since it adds a certain natural touch. It also brings feelings and meanings to the people. It was design by architect Sir Norman Foster and inaugurated in September 2006.

The design is of five storey of triangles that form the pyramid, each triangle being twelve meters (12 m) on a side. the lower level or portions is three storey of triangles and clad in pale granite. the upper two rows of triangles per side, form a glazed apex. instead of stone cladding the triangles of the apex feature a design of stained glass.

The Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation is also a palace houses a 1,500 – sear opera house, educational facilities, and others, it is also the national centre for Kazakhtan’s various ethnic and  geographical groups.

The pyramid of Peace and Accord is intended as a global center for religious understanding. and some religion are free to enter the pyramid thats why it called the pyramid of peace. peace for our world and  peace for religion.

And became the national museum of culture, and the new ” university of civilization”,  and also become the library and a research lab and center for Kazakhtan’s ethnic and geographical groups.

The Pyramid of peace is already the image of the country Kazakhtan. it symbolize the culture of Kazakhtan and the tradition. Architect Norman Foster make use of the color of the flag of the Kazakhtan which is color yellow and blue.

Architect Norman Foster and the Foster + Partner studies the change of climate in Kazakhstan. the astaian cliamte posed a signaficant challenge, with a temperature range from 40°C in summer to -40°C in winter. the construction must be rapid and precise.

As a student of architecture, I Compare the famous and one of the master piece of the famous architect I.M. Pei that he transform the country to be modern. The Louve, The infamous glass pyramid constructed around the heritage site and historical place around Paris. The Louve is the largest museums in the world and the most visited museum in the world and a historical monument. However, To the famous louvre the pyramid of peace and reconcilation is indeed more profound and mighty with its height for most parts and with the materials used in building it.
But todays day materials and parts are not important. The most important is the images of the architectural structure and its meaning.

As a student of Architecture i was shocked by this structure. The pyramid located centre of the city. and bring sublime feelings to the people. and ask, why their is a pyramid located in this city of Kazakhstan. for me Architect Norman Foster is one of my idol and one of my future rivals in architecture. the pointed hedge of the pyramid define some of the critics as power. it gives power and danger because of the pointed hedge.

Even a trashcan, plastic bottle, camera, polygon shape  can be a master piece and became famous. pyramid we all know that pyramid is historical structure and it is already old. however Architect Norman Foster change the image of the Pyramid itself.

We all know the function and the use of the pyramid during the time of the emperor and during the time of the early people. that Pyramid is use for the dead body of the higher class for example emperor and some goddess. in short the thumb. However  architect Norman Foster use the pyramid for people and he make the pyramid functional. The interior of the pyramid of peace and reconciliation was use. Architect Foster make use of it.

Norman Foster and the Partners are the best example and image of architecture, bind all matters and element to form a single entity which is the architectural structure.

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