Ilocandia Tour

Ilocandia Tour

August 5 is  the start of  our Vigan educational tour, I’m not excite about the trip, but I’m more excited to travel with my block mates and some freshmen student of Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS-ARCH). I’m not excite  about the trip because I already visit the Ilocos trice, this is my fourth time to visit the ilocos.

Vigan City : where the past is a powerful presence. Vigan for me, Vigan is know for heritage site and also a historical site of the our country (Philippines), Vigan is located at the mouth of the Abra river in the northwestern part of the country(Philippines).

Vigan, the World heritage city in the Philippines was inscribed in the UNESCO World heritage list of sites and monuments.  The architectural structure f the Vigan Cityis a unique fusion of Asian  building design and construction with European colonial  architectural and planning.

Vigan today remains  to be the historical site of the north of the our country(Philippines) and also it is the home of proud Biguenos who welcome our tour and welcome us with stunning smile. Vigan City very known for their pastries and creative culture. The Vigan’s Longganisa is one of their famous delicacy  and this is also the number one choice of the tourist for their souvenirs.  I admit it  I like the ordinary longganisa  but not the vigans longganisa.

The trip

The trip was fine. Some sophomores student find their sleep comfortable, but I and my friends find some leisure to enjoy the trip. The trip was safe and calm  all the way to ilocos. When I nap for a while and suddenly fill a sleep then when I woke up, it was early in the morning, it was dark morning for me. No sun set, I don’t know where I am. Then when I ask the tour guide. “Ilocos na ba to?” Then she said “opo”, I can’t believe its already ilocos.  Our main objective to our trip is to visit the site of the lot for the Architectural Design. And to visit the heritage site and some famous structure including churches.

St. Maria Church

This is our first bus stop in Ilocos. I remember St.Maria this is the place where my grandfathers house located. St. Maria, Ilocos Sur.. St. Maria Church or la Asuncion de la Nuestra Senora Church, This church is one of the 4 UNESCO World Heritages Sites Baroques Churches of the Philippines.

Some Old people ( Manang or Manong) they call their old man. This Church is  prone to earthquakes. That’s why the bell tower is constructed a distance away from the main church. This church is made of bricks. Some say that the bell tower has a hole under the bell tower. That’s why its lining.

Some tour guide say it’s the lining tower of the ilocos. The side of this church is a cemeteries. The Church is totally Old but inside it looks like new. They preserve what is their and maintain it to become priceless.

The Quirino Bridge

Quirino Bridge is our next bus stop after the St. Maria Church.

I remember when my last visit to ilocos. We use the Old Quirino Bridge. But now. Theirs already a new bridge beside the Quirino Bridge. The Bridge connect the mountain to the other side. That’s bridge is the way to vigan. That’s why the  Quirino Bridge is very important to the Biguenos, not just the Biguenos but also us.

For me the Quirino Bridge is a nice subject for the photographer, because you can say it is photogenic, the huge bars that support the bridge is one of my subject. It holds tons of weight. It makes the bridge safe for use, and it makes the Quirino bridge I catching.

I and my friends took some shoot that will affects the Quirino Bridge as a background of the subject.

The next site is our main city tour destination, The Vigan City.

Vigan City

Vigan City after we pass the Quirino Bridge. Vigan is the Intramuros of the Ilocos, when I compare this to heritage place. I give my hand to the vigan. Vigan is totally heritage and historic. They preserve the original vigan before.

This is the place to visit where the tourist must visit, I remember when I and my family go and visit the vigan. My mom bought  all antiques she can fit to our car. Vigan the house of antiques and story.

The site for our Architectural Design are located in Vigan that day we roam round the site and took some picture of it then study for the finals. Some structure around Vigan City are already renovated.

The our hotel is along the Calle Crisologo, our hotel  is fine, not bad. Calle Crisologo is the famous street in Vigan City. It is historical and monumental for the Philippines.


Weaving in Ilocos is normal but base on talent of the Manangs.some weavers are business some are not. Some weaving use for hobby to use the time. when we when to the weaving house all weavers are old ladies or the Manangs.  I and my friends find store to buy something to eat. I saw a old lady weaving inside the vacant building.  I took a picture of it and think about what a good caption for this. The caption of my picture is “  Shy Manang” because when I took the picture of the old lady she is shy to face my camera.

While we’re having some fun with my camera. We took a picture for our batch picture to be given to the bluprint. And be part of the magazine. The Bachelor of Science in Architecture will be featured in the bluprint magazine new edition. I think the main subject of the magazine is all about heritage site around our country (Philippines).
The wind mill

when i saw the wind will in Pagudpod, I was stun by its gigantic blade and post. It was my first time to saw like that wind mill.
I can’t find the perfect angle for my camera. Because it so huge and it can’t fit to my frame. That’s why i move and move to find the perfect frame. And i was so obsessive when my framing was not perfectly vertical. We took a picture of our block, the sophomore section and will be shown to the bluprint. The wind mill in pagudpod was idea of the son of our late president marcos. Bongbong marcos. This is a brilliant idea to save energy and make use of it. To preserve and to make the place health. They save 50percent of their power because of the wind mill that converts the air to electricity. The wind mill is the counter part of the solar panel to make use of the lights and convert it to electricity. The wind mill is using air and convert it to electricity to be use by the consumers. all a can say to the wind mill is thumbs up.
The baluarte

baluarte, baluarteof the singson family. Singson is very known in ilocos sur and norte. They are one of the richest family in our country (Philippines). Singson made a zoo for the public and be one of the tourist spot in ilocos. And singson named it the baluarte. Some animals are pet of singson. Specially his tigers.
The baluarte is ok for me. But when i saw the under construction building inside the bualvarte i was shock. What the heck is this. Painted with gold plated glass, spiral and tall. Then i ask some tenants what is this building for? And they say its the casino of singson. Casino inside the zoo. The people will be shock when they saw and knew what it is. Casino in our country is not allow but singson has. You can show the down fall of our country in this site. As a student of bachelor of science in architecture i can say that the building is not proparely placed. And its anti-constextual architectural structure. Money is the key for all wants.
Fort Ilocandia

Fort ilocandia is a nice hotel for some how can apourd the cost,
Fort ilocandia is the 5 star hotel in laoag. It id located in Laoag, ilocos norte. There are to many tourist destination around it. One is the sinking bell tower. The hotel are good. The garden is located at the centre of the hotel and it welcomes the people to look and come. Because the garden is so beautiful. We took some picture of it. And we took our block mates picture in front of the garden rotunda. The theme of our picture taking is ” maangas – pioneers “. It was fun, we enjoy it.
Paoay Church

Paoay church is one of the photogenic church in the Philippines based on the view and angle of the viewer. The church is totally heritage and historical. The structure is very “groundy”. The bell tower is constructed apart from the church of reason. The color are very rare means of old. The church is very known in the city because of its historical structure and the tourism are taking care of it and they maintain the historical site. We enjoy staying in Paoay church, picture taking, listening to some humors of the church. But after enjoying the site. One of my block mates meet an accident while taking our group picture. She’s really in pain. Her collar bone was broken and we rush her to the hospital. We wait him even we are already late to the next site, we wait for the result and we wait him to go to the next bus stop, we don’t leave man behind, we go together like family. That’s the story of out ilocondia tour.

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